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Laptops & iPads

All campus libraries have laptops that students can borrow for academic or personal use during library hours. All campuses except the Newport campus have iPads available for checkout as well.

Any CCRI student with a library account can visit the library circulation desks and check out a laptop or iPad for up to three hours. The computers are equipped with the full Microsoft Office suite and provide Internet access. Students should bring a USB flash drive if they want to save their work. iPads are preloaded with useful applications and can access the wireless Internet.

CCRI students, staff and faculty that are in good standing can borrow designated iPads for three days at the Knight Campus. Overnight devices are first-come, first-served and cannot be reserved ahead of time. Patrons who check out a device to be taken out of the library, need to return the device to the Knight Campus during the library's operating hours. Please see the agreement form for all stipulations.

Students are not allowed to remove 3-hour laptops or iPads from the library but, otherwise, there are no restrictions; students are free to use them for anything from writing an essay to updating their Facebook pages.

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