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Academic Advising

» Need Help With Scheduling or Transfer Matters? Questions about what classes to take, what program requirements are still needed to be filled, how many hours to take, questions about adding and dropping classes and how to structure study time, are the things that we can help you with.

Career Assessment

» Are you unsure about your career direction? Career assessments are designed to help you learn more about yourself. Some assessments compare you with people already in certain occupations. These assessments might help provide a focus for your exploration and information gathering, may confirm some of your thinking, or may challenge a line of thinking you may be pursuing. It may help generate occupational options or narrow down options you are already considering. It will probably not provide "The Answer", but can provide another helpful piece of the puzzle. It is suggested that you combine career assessments with the use of other resources as well. [Career Assessment Links]

Personal Counseling

» Are you troubled? The Advising and Counseling Center provides one-on-one and group counseling for a variety of problems ranging from typical difficulties students experience (e.g., adjustment to the college setting) problems associated with acute or long-standing psychological disturbances. Counseling services are oriented toward short-term interventions designed to help students develop personal understanding and to succeed in their roles as students. Our counselors provide services addressing a variety of problems and concerns which may include depression, anxieties and fears, self-esteem issues, interpersonal conflicts, career issues, eating disorders, stress management, family conflicts, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, and other distressing conditions. In addition, a list of community resources is available if outside services are needed.

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All meetings are strictly confidential. Read Confidentiality Statement