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Michael Wynn


All Michael Wynn needed was a safe, educational environment – a home away from home where he could let his guard down, be himself and flourish.

A product of the state’s foster care system, Wynn found his voice at the Community College of Rhode Island, transitioning from a shy, withdrawn student to an outgoing, charismatic advocate among his peers, eventually serving as the Student Government president at CCRI’s Liston Campus in Providence.

Wynn capped his remarkable journey when he addressed his fellow graduates as the student speaker at CCRI’s 54th commencement ceremony at The Dunkin’ Donuts Center.

“Being involved in so much made the whole college experience a lot better,” Wynn said. “Before I got involved, I was a shy person. After a while, I felt like it was part of my responsibility.”

Trouble at home forced him into state custody at a young age. He bounced from one foster family to another, moving so many times and living in so many different cities, he often lost count.

Wynn eventually ran away from his last group home at 17 and survived the next decade working random jobs. Realizing he needed a long-term plan, he enrolled at CCRI and in the Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA) program. After graduating CCRI with his associate degree in general studies, he is pursuing a Master of Social Work degree at Rhode Island College.

Wynn turned his life around and blossomed at CCRI, beginning what he hopes will be a lifetime of helping others who’ve walked in his shoes. “I have a unique experience that will be an asset in this field,” Wynn said. “I’m able to relate to them in ways a lot of people can’t.”

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A product of the foster care system, former Student Government president Michael Wynn of Portsmouth thrived at CCRI with the dream of one day inspiring those who grew up under similar circumstances and need a safe environment in which they, too, can flourish.

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